The tools on GrowMyRIA make frequent reference to 5 of ERS’s proprietary risk ratings:

  1. Price Risk Indicator™ (PRI™): A measure and rating of the statistical probability and magnitude of a stock’s future price changes.
  2. Financial Risk Indicator™ (FRI™): A measure of a company’s liquidity, financial strength, and durability.
  3. Equity Risk Indicator™ (ERI™): A ratings of both the financial condition and valuation of a stock.
  4. Macro Investment Diagnostic™ (MID™): An additional fundamental quantitative rating for evaluating risks of a company.
  5. Fiduciary Risk Rating™ (FRR™): A robust and trustworthy statistical rating system that alerts fiduciaries to the substantial risks of loss in a company’s stock, regardless of its market popularity. ERS’s Fiduciary Risk Rating™ is an especially reliable and valuable rating for protecting a fiduciary’s investment assets.

ERS’s ratings range from 0 to 100, where 0 is the best rating and 100 is the worst rating. Click here to see why you can trust ERS’s ratings.