Benchmark Study:
ERS’s stock selections outperformed the S&P 500
in 81% of the 309 5-year periods
between 12/31/88 and 8/31/19.

12/31/1999 Risk Analysis Example:
The 20 largest companies on 12/31/99 rose 59%
after 19+ years, while 20 of ERS’s
better-rated companies rose 509%.

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Bankruptcy Study:
ERS’s technology identified
the great majority (85%+)
of companies which failed
several years prior to their delisting.

Individual Stock Profitability Studies:
Individual stocks with superior ERS ratings, such as
Apple, Medifast, Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco,
etc. significantly outperformed stocks
with inferior or average ERS ratings.

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S&P 500 Individual Stock Study:
ERS’s best-rated S&P stocks showed 84% greater
profit than ERS’s worst-rated S&P stocks.

Post-2009 Stock Crash Study:
ERS’s technology will warn you
of potential losses before they happen

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The reports below are available complementary to investment professionals in the industry.
Please contact Ray Mullaney at to request any of these reports.

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