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Nov 2014 – The Dangers of Investing & How to Reduce Losses

“Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.”
-George Santayana


Dec 2013 – The Biggest Threat to Your Financial Security


The financial advisor’s actual job description: Convince customers to buy investments and hold them until they die. Wall Street advisors are paid to bring your money to the stock market casino and keep it there, not to keep you safe! After every bull market, the market crashes. So when will you sell your stocks, before or after the next crash?

Oct 2013 – Why are Washington Politicians Fighting?

Many Americans are hurting. Hatred divides us along race lines, class lines and differences in philosophy. We’re fighting about money because America is broke, but we’re broke because we’ve replaced our Judeo-Christian values with the worship of money. Washington prints fake money, we still have no good jobs, welfare grows wildly and the masses keep voting for the same bums – all while the market soars. Neither political party has any new economic solutions. Now what?

Sep 2013 – Market Uncertainty: Lessons from 50 years of Market History

The stock market’s future cannot be predicted by looking at the past. Do you know when it’s safest to buy stocks? The most reliable way to avoid losses is to pay no more for a company’s shares than its minimum current value. The lessons are clear; more often than not, the analysts that look brilliant today are exposed as cons when the market falls.

Jun 2013 – Current Threats to Your Financial Security


So the market hits all-time highs and politicians tell you the economy and the stock market are in great shape. But they said the same thing in 1929, 1937, 1946, 1968, 1973, 1987, 2000 and 2007; what’s so different this time around? This isn’t our first rodeo.

Jan 2013 – 2013 Economic Report: Protecting Capital in a Declining Empire

The present and growing federal, state and municipal debt, along with trillions of dollars in unfunded government liabilities, put America’s solvency at grave risk. “Hope” is not a strategy; the numbers don’t lie, but politicians do.

Jan 2010 – The Road to Hell Is Paved With Well-Intentioned Debt

This report shows what is required to pay off the national debt. I started out determined to find a way to accomplish this, but it can’t be done. To pay off our debt, even over 50 years, would require a tax increase of about 74%. America is bankrupt! If you have any doubt, read the report, then decide.

Dec 2007 – Message From the President


In December of 2007 I warned investors of the risks in the markets. I get angry because I can see how Wall Street and Washington’s policies intentionally create bubbles. I see how and why they do this. Wall Street makes billions on bubbles, while investors lose trillions. Many Americans lose their jobs; some even lose their homes. This is crony capitalism at its finest.

Nov 2004 – The Recession of 2005: America, an Argentina in the Making

Americans suffer from the “Ruler’s Syndrome”: they believe that America’s past supremacy entitles them to a great future. Like Argentinians, Americans don’t believe they have to earn a living. They believe that government can and should give them everything they want and need.

Sep 2002 – Failed Economic Policies: How Greenspan & Wall Street Mislead Investors

Consider these 86 words by the president of the Dallas Federal Reserve System, Robert McTeer, in 2001: “They’ve [consumers] been doing something that’s probably irrational from the point of view of the individual consumer because they all need to be saving more: saving for retirement, saving for college and all that. But we’d be in bad trouble if they started doing that rational thing all of a sudden. We’re happy that they’re spending. We wish that they didn’t have to run up a lot of debt to do it. But it’s not something we’re terribly worried about right now because their assets are high.”

Aug 2002 – Information Manipulation & Your Money


The people who prepare the financial statements of your bank and your insurance company are the same guys who prepared the books for Enron, Citibank and Fannie Mae. Are the balance sheets of your bank and insurance company accurate? Do you know if these companies will be solvent when interest rates return to their historical average?

Jul 2002 – The Blazing 1990s

Wall Street and Clinton claimed they brought in “a new period of prosperity,” just like in 1925. They ushered in a period when banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies would merge together. They manipulated Americans into thinking that the stock market’s rise was proof that the nation was in great economic health.

Sep 2001 – Economic Data: A Report Card on Our Economic Policies

In the 1990s, total US consumer and federal debt increased by $15.4 trillion, while the GDP increased by $4 trillion. It’s clear that the economy, consumer spending and the stock market were pumped up by nothing more than debt. This is a false economy based on phony policies that will one day cripple our nation.

Sep 1986 – An Economic Report: The Coming Recession

In 1986 we published a controversial economic forecast that quickly hit the front pages of the New York Times. When you read it, you’ll quickly realize that in the past 28 years, politicians have done nothing to address the root of our problems. All they’ve done is borrow and spend more and more. In 1986, Herb Stein, Ph.D. said; “Anything that must stop, will stop.” Someday, our ability to borrow and spend will stop. When that happens, we won’t like what follows.