Forbes – What James Simons can Teach Us About Fintech

October 31, 2020| What James Simons, Ph.D., Can Teach Us About Fintech Alex Lazarow – Oct 31, 2020 Jim Simons is arguably the world’s best investor. Certainly, Renaissance Technologies’ – the [...]

What Separates Analytical Leaders From Laggards?

February 3, 2020|

Thomas H. Davenport, Nitin Mittal, and Irfan Saif February 03, 2020 Information technology changes at a rapid pace, but organizational adoption of it often doesn’t. Fourteen years ago, one of us (Davenport) wrote [...]

Pimco shook hands with the Fed—and made a killing

September 27, 2013|

Published: Friday, 27 Sep 2013 | 6:39 AM ET By Reuters Through the second half of 2011, debate raged in financial markets over whether the U.S. Federal Reserve would embark on a third [...]

Pooling and Fooling

October 23, 2000|

By Abraham J Briloff Originally published in Barron's, October 23, 2000 Cisco Systems might well be dubbed Wall Street's New Economy Poster Child. No better illustration of investors' vast esteem is that they've graced [...]