Equity Risk Sciences transformed the way investors think about safety when investing in publicly traded equities. Over half a decade of work converted the principles of forensic accounting into usable, reliable and easily-accessible safety scores that empower institutional investors and investment advisors to look through the noise of analysts, management story-telling and TV talking heads. Our statistical approach is based on diligent analysis of over 9 billion data points and supported by thousands of back-tests.

  • Our business is identifying and quantifying risk in individual stocks and in the equity market as a whole.
  • Our tools reveal truths about risk using big data.
  • Our mission is to help investors make informed decisions about the likelihood of gains and losses in every investment they make.


Meet the Team

Raymond Mullaney, Principal, has over 40 years on Wall Street. His leadership has been recognized by Reagan’s White House Conference on Small Business and by political leaders including former Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Ray’s work has been nationally published. Ray is also the founder of Nightingale Advisors. Ray has a Master’s degree from Stonybrook University.

Douglas Burtnick, CFA, Partner, is Head of Portfolio Management and focused on research, stock selection, and operations. Doug graduated from Cornell’s Dyson School of Management.

Thomas Harpin, Partner, has been with the firm for 7 years. Tom is the resident math and data science expert. Mr. Harpin graduated from Bryant University with a B.S. in actuarial mathematics.