President’s Greeting

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Welcome to Capital Preservation Advisors!

We help Registered Investment Advisors:

  • Earn greater incomes with fewer risks,
  • Experience greater professional growth and fulfillment, and
  • Have more free time to spend… any way YOU choose

We provide advisors with advanced strategies for Growth & Protection. We use the Big-Data Analytic technology platform developed by Equity Risk Sciences (ERS). ERS has made breakthroughs in Protective Growth Strategies, and their reliability is unparalleled on Wall Street!

Big promises require big proof; we have proof.

With strategies provided by Capital Preservation Advisors and Equity Risk Sciences:

  1. Your clients will avoid the greatest losses from bear markets,
  2. They will suffer far fewer losses and far fewer deep losses,
  3. Your performance will improve significantly,
  4. Your clients will be more loyal and willing to pay you more,
  5. Your clients will happily provide you with more referrals,
  6. You’ll sell far bigger cases, and
  7. Your AUM may well double or triple in just a few short years.

I’m Ray Mullaney. I’ve been managing investments for 43 years.
Our team will help you protect and grow your clients’ assets.

We help good advisors become great advisors!

Call us today. We’re on your side, and we’re very friendly too.
Call Ray or Doug today at (203) 254-0000
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